Importing Sub-ID Revenue for Delayed Data

Using this feature is optional, but it can be extremely beneficial in comparison to the standard goal value. If you don't specify a goal value for conversions in the tracking code, you can report the revenue data for precise measurement. This is a great feature for delayed reports, such as affiliate reporting. With popular affiliate network reporting APIs, the job is complete in just a few seconds.

If revenue can be passed to the tracking code in real-time, such as shopping cart values, or pre-defined goal values, then there is no need to upload sub id's. The revenue data will be updated in real-time.

Instructions to upload sub-id revenue for delayed data:

Upload sub-ids and revenue monthly for the previous month (or mid-month reporting to see up to date stats) using a .csv file into the Campaigns > Import Reports > Revenue section. Optionally, we allow your product ID that allows data to be shown by traffic source to product (funnel) if you can capture this also.