The founder of Click Precision stumbles across internet marketing, right before the dot-com bubble burst. Luckily there were no personal strings attached to the chaos. However, this big event allowed experience from the masses to be collected. Observing success, and avoiding disaster in the online business world.


It all started in 2009 at the peak of the great recession. It's what bad economies usually produce, efficient business systems. During this time, our profits from years of search marketing experience diminished, and there was a huge pressure to track the ROI for hundreds of keywords. While searching for the “true” meaning of max CPC bids, we realized that the most effective tools for online marketing professionals were overpriced and limited. Stuck without an option - for a little while...


That is when the founder of Click Precision decided to write some code. Over time, the program evolved from a few scripts to tracking nearly half a million keywords and data points. We became more profitable than ever, and marketing became more exciting with much reduced risk. Tracking organic search and discovering the profits of individual keywords opened another door to PPC.


After much evolution in the software, it was then that we realized that other marketers could benefit from the use of this powerful, easy to use platform. Initial plans to write the code and design for 3rd party marketers was put into action. This is a large project, and we are still working on delivering a cost effective and powerful marketing platform.


A team is employed to put Click Precision in the hands of marketers. The goal is to have an effective, secure, and low cost product for both large and small marketers.