Monthly pricing estimate calculator

At Click Precision, our goal is to provide a superior marketing platform, but for a reasonable price. This allows us to charge a low base rate, and increase cost for customers with more traffic.

Our data processing is extremely fast and accurate, but sites with heavy loads require us to allocate more resources. Our pricing model keeps everything transparent: just pay for what you use if you have more traffic than your account plan allows.

We keep it fair by charging for "actions". An action is a conversion, click to your site, and multiple page visits by a user.

If you expect you will need more than 100,000 actions for your account, we have 3 options you can consider.

1. Pay for the additional actions (billed at $3 per 1,000 extra actions). You can get billing alerts by email or SMS text as well as set a monthly budget. Use the calculator below to estimate charges.
2. Track external referral, direct access and conversion traffic only. This will eliminate multiple actions when visitors go from page to page on your site without converting. Just select "Do Not Track Page Views" on your billing page to reduce the number of actions.
3. Add the tracking code only to areas you want to track. This method is not recommended, since you might find that some forgotten or underestimated sections of your site actually result in conversions.

If you're concerned about exceeding your quota, you can get a good idea of the actions you might need by totaling your average monthly page views and conversions. For example, AWStats, or Google Analytics.

Use this calculator to get a monthly cost estimate based on your expected actions.

* All plans with monthly pageviews under 100,000 are charged the standard package rate of $89.

This calculator returns estimated monthly charges, and is provided as a courtesy only. Action counts can increase or decrease substantially depending on your promotion or linking methods, and it is your responsibility to monitor usage or set a budget in your account.

Current monthly charges and tracking settings are shown under your account billing section. Customers are billed after $300 in accumulated charges. Please contact us for a custom billing solution.