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3 Keys to PPC Success for Beginners in 2019


Do you plan on doing big things with PPC advertising in 2019? Are you finally ready to use this strategy as a means of driving highly qualified, targeted traffic to your website?

As a beginner, there are many reasons for optimism. Just the same, you may struggle with finding a strategy you can trust and rely on.

While there are many advanced strategies you can eventually use to improve performance, you don’t have to go down this path just yet. Instead, as a beginner, it’s critical to start with the basics.

Here are three keys to PPC success for beginners in 2019:

1. Know Your Budget

This is high priority, as your budget will impact every decision you make. If you don’t know much you can spend, there’s no way to confidently implement a plan that allows you to reach your goals.

If you’re unsure of your budget, start slow and let it build as you see the results. This is better than “going all in” too soon, just to find that you spent money you couldn’t afford to lose.

2. Track Everything

It’s one thing to get started with PPC advertising, but another thing entirely to generate results.

The only way to understand what is and isn’t working is to track everything, down to the finest of details.

How much are you spending per day? What keywords are you targeting? What type of ad copy are you using?

The more you track the more you’ll understand about your campaign.

3. Give Your Strategy Time to Work

You don’t want to throw money after a strategy that has no chance of yielding positive results. Just the same, you don’t want to give up on a strategy entirely, when all it really needs is a few tweaks here and there.

This goes along with tracking everything you do. When you can review everything that’s happened in the past, it’s easier to see how things are unfolding with your strategy and what you can do to improve it in the future.

If you’re new to PPC advertising in 2019, let these tips be your guide. If nothing else, they’ll give you the confidence required to get up and running.

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