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Traffic Tracking: Are you Doing all you can?

When it comes to your PPC budget, you understand the importance of spending wisely. But what exactly does that mean? How will you ensure that your money is being spent in the appropriate manner?

Regardless of where you traffic comes from, it is important to track each and every visitor. This could be the difference between a successful campaign and one that costs you money.

Here are a few key questions to address:

1. Where is your traffic coming from? This could include everything from PPC to search engines to social media to email marketing.

2. What type of traffic converts best? Once you know the answer to this question, you can determine how to spend your time, money, and resources.

3. What process are you using to track traffic? If you don’t have a solution you can rely on, it goes without saying that you are missing out on a ton of great data.

If you aren’t doing everything you can to track your traffic, you aren’t doing everything you can to boost revenue and cut back on expenses.

With Click Precision, you can get the “big picture” of everything associated with your visitors. For example, you can track sales with real time goal values or sub-ids. You can also focus on details such as click through rate, quality score, and bid suggestion.

If you want to improve your site’s conversion rate, it is imperative that you track every visitor. Furthermore, you should follow this advice: test, test, and test some more. For instance, if one batch of keywords isn’t driving traffic that converts, make a change. From there, compare the results to determine if you made a good move.

You should track, test, and evaluate everything you do in regards to your website. This is the only way to be confident in every decision you make.


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